Sunday, July 17, 2016


Dan and Gina are very special friends of mine and my husband (Steven).  Dan and Steven work together and are two of the funniest men I have ever known.  When the four of us are together we spend so much time laughing and the rest of the time is spent with Gina and I rolling are eyes and them mimicking us!

 I was lucky enough to spend the early afternoon with Gina and her bridesmaids as they were getting ready for Gina's big day!   Gina was so relaxed and you could tell she was enjoying the process, no stress for this girl!

Dan and Gina wrote one another letters, and being able to watch them both read it privately was one of my favorite moments from the day. 

Special thanks to Gina's cousin, Dylan, we were able to hang her dress in the most perfect spot for it to shine!  Also...those SHOES!!!

Once the boys arrived at the Farmington Club we knew it was safe to sneak Gina over to their bridal suite. When I arrived Gina's uncles and cousins were turning the reception area into everything Gina and Dan had envisioned. 

Before we knew it it was time to tie the knot!  

Gina and der dad as they begin their walk down the aisle.  The Farmington Club is such a wonderful backdrop.

Dan's face when he saw Gina.....his smile could not have been any bigger!!

Officially husband and wife!  Congratulations you two!!

Following the ceremony, after the guys were done snacking ;), we spent time doing formals.  

I always love when there are couples in the bridal party, and these two were SO much fun!

When Gina, Dan and I snuck away from everyone to do their portraits they could not stop smiling, I honestly don't think they've ever been happier!

When I tell you the reception was fun...I mean F.U.N!! The guests at this wedding brought their dancing shoes and were not afraid of the camera!  My kind of people!!

What a wonderful opportunity to photograph your wedding, Dan and Gina.  Thank you!  I hope you enjoy this teaser and I can't wait to watch your marriage blossom!  Always remember- cookies for dinner. 

<3 n